What if I told you that every experience we have is something that we literally make up inside our own minds??

Ad this is because we all experience the world DIFFERENTLY.

Here’s why!

NLP Model Of CommunicationEvery moment of every day, our brain gets bombarded with information which we process and this becomes our perception and experience. As the information comes through your neurology, approximately 11 million bits per second of information passes through! Our brain though as a processing unit can only process approximately 126 bits per second of information as our brains are not able to process that much information at a time. (And you thought we were evolved!)

Let me put this another way. Imagine there are around 11 million matches in a HUGE pile in front of you. And you can only choose 126 matches. And then it’s my turn, and I choose 126 matches from that pile. Odds are that I will likely pick different matches to yours.

So there is your FIRST point of difference!

Think of the remaining 10,999,874 matches that are left behind. How much are you MISSING out on and not seeing and experiencing??

There’s your SECOND point of difference.

That 126 bits of information then has to pass through what we call a set of filters – firstly each person’s 5 senses – SIGHT, HEARING, FEELING, SMELL and TASTE. And as you know, we each of us see, hear, feel, smell and taste differently.

THIRD point of difference.

This then is further filtered by the person’s own BELIEFS, VALUES and MEMORIES. And as you know, we each have our own unique belief systems (influenced by a combination of different factors including upbringing, immediate environment, the people around us, individual experiences etc), values (what is important to us, and this will differ in different areas of our lives), and unique memories. There are other filters at play here too which we will not go into due to time constraints.

FOURTH point of difference.

So let’s do a recap of what we have learned so far. Our daily perception of things are affected by the following filters –

  • The ability of our brain to only process a small amount of information
  • This leaves a mammoth amount of information that we miss out on
  • Our 5 senses
  • Our unique belief systems, values and memories

In the NLP world, we say that this results in the deletion, distortion and generalisation of the information we receive in our brain. We then make what we call an internal representation of that event comprised of picture, taste, sound, self-talk, feelings and smell, and this creates our internal emotional state which affects how we feel about a person or situation (and this also impacts on our physiology i.e. how our body reacts) which then determines our behaviour and in turn the RESULTS from our behaviour.


So can you see now how our every experience is something that we literally make up inside our own minds?

Wouldn’t it be great therefore it we could change the way that we think so that we could have the outcomes that we want??

NLP and Time Line Therapy work primarily with the fourth set of filters which includes your Beliefs, Values, Memories, Decisions, Attitudes and Language to help you understand how they came about and change them where necessary, using a variety of powerful and simple techniques, so they are instead fully supportive of the outcomes that you want (rather than self-sabotaging like your old habits and ways of thinking and being) and to open up the way to live the life that you desire and deserve.

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