Viri Gonzales

I’d like to highly recommend Mimi Fong’s resume and interview preparation course. Not having updated my resume for over 7 years really made me struggle to produce a compelling and successful resume.

Mimi’s approach is practical and simple. Yes, you do have to do your homework to reflect in various areas of your capabilities and career history but once this piece is finished the rest is very straight forward.

The prep for the interview course was also very good and well structured. It allows you to practice and reflect on the work previous achieved to craft the best answer to the most asked questions.

Mimi will also cover NLP tips which I still find very useful to manage nerves and anxiety.

Thanks so much for your help Mimi, really pleased with our work and results as I prepare to begin a new role.



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Live a life of freedom, authenticity, ease and prosperity with a renewed sense of Peace and Purpose. YOU have the freedom to choose. It’s time to step into YOUR power. Let me show you how.