Can you relate to any of the below thought patterns?

•    All or Nothing – “If I can’t do it 100% right … then I’m a failure”.

•    Diminishing the Positive – Do you ever come up with reasons why the positives do not count? “She said she liked my cooking, but I think she was just being nice”.

•    Jumping to Conclusions – Through making negative interpretations without any evidence! “He must think I’m pathetic because that upset me”.

These are just a few examples of some negative thought patterns.

Did you realise that positive thinking can produce a more positive attitude which can lead to more positive outcomes in your life? This naturally can help make life easier and more enjoyable.

Here are some practical suggestions that can help your thinking become more positive.

•    Be grateful for what you have today, and use it as constructively as you can. You create your own future so take responsibility for your own life and do not be a victim of your negative thoughts. So focus on creating your own destiny and look at the positives and potential in each challenging situation and make the effort to persist with this approach.


•    One small negative thought can quickly grow into a huge ball of ugly negativity. Be positive and know that a small positive thought can soon blossom into a beautiful outcome. So change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive. If you are finding this difficult, start SMALL. Look around you now and see if you can find something to be positive about.

•    It’s ok to be less than perfect. In fact, there is no such thing as perfection – I know – shock, horror!!! Some people set impossibly high standards then beat themselves up when they do not reach them. Do not be hard on yourself and focus on what you have achieved as opposed to what you did not. Keep your sense of humour and laugh at yourself when possible. This can help to clear your mind and have a positive effect on those around you. Here’s a great little tip – replace the word ‘perfect’ with two powerful and simple words – ‘good enough’. Good enough really is good enough!

•    Spend time around positive people who look on the bright side of life and deal with challenges better. Look at how they deal with challenges even small ones, then consider how you would react in that same situation. Adopt their optimism and persistence when challenged even if you have to pretend initially.

•    Read positive quotes or even make up your own quotes or affirmations that give you a lift and help you think more positively. If affirmations and positive quotes don’t work for you, then read or watch inspiring and uplifting stories/movies. Avoid mainstream media if you can which can be overwhelmingly negative.

•    Help someone else. This can help take the focus away from you for a while, and most people feel more positive and happier when they do something for someone else.


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