We experience changes in our lives on a daily basis. They could be little changes such as your favourite coffee place closing down, or big changes such as the first day in a new job.

Change is constant and all around us. It’s how we deal with these changes that differentiates one person from the other. Each person will also deal with change differently and in their own way. So there is no one size fits all solution.

However I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There is in fact one thing we can ALL do which I guarantee will define how successful you are in dealing with change in your life.


1And it’s based on something I call the ripple effect. Everything within your universe flows from one centre point (YOU) outwards.

By taking better care of YOU, not only are you more effective to others, you can be the best you can be for yourself and deal more effectively with any changes that come your way!

Let’s break this down a bit further.

What fuels you and keeps you going every day? ENERGY, right?!

What happens when your energy reserves are depleted? Things just seem harder to deal with and you become more prone to getting sick as your body and immune system start to run down. Stress follows, you feel tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, and what may in fact be a mole hill seems like a mountain!

2Just like our cars, we all need top ups particularly when the tank is getting low.

So what is the best way to take care of this most precious commodity called YOU?


Because when you have more energy or feel more energised, you can think more clearly which flows on to more effective decision-making, have a more positive mindset leading to positive action, and deal more effectively and appropriately with any changes in your life.

So where do we get this energy from?

For some of us, we refuel by taking time out away from others or engaging in INTROVERT-like activities. This could be simply doing some exercise on your own, a meditation, going on a solitary walk or run, or finding a little nook to curl up in to read a book undisturbed.

3For the rest of us, we recharge by engaging in EXTROVERT-like activities. Such as going out for a meal with good friends, attending a group exercise class, or simply doing something you enjoy with a loved one.


So make sure you schedule some Introvert or Extrovert fuelling activities on a regular basis. Block out a time in your calendar to do this – NO EXCEPTIONS.

I would love to hear from you.

Are you an INTROVERT or EXTROVERT?? What activities do you enjoy doing which recharges, recentres and rebalances you?

When you are on a full tank or have topped up, do you notice that you are able to deal with change better?

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