I needed help to change how I saw life when I started to notice in my conversations with people that I’d say something about what was going on with me and they’d always respond optimistically. I realised I saw life with the glass half empty.

Over the years I have been to the occasional counselling session to deal with traumatic experiences, but I always felt there must be a way to change the way I viewed life. When I found Mimi I realised there was a way I could learn to change how I approached life. The techniques she has shown me are simple yet transformational.

The ongoing support from Mimi helped to ensure I applied the strategies to address everyday challenges as well as look at the positive things that happened in my life each day and be grateful for them.

I saw changes quickly – becoming more aware of the negativity I had was just the start. Breathing techniques also helped me calm down in challenging times very early on in the coaching relationship.

I found my experience with Mimi to be very in-depth, sometimes confronting, sometimes quite challenging when it came to looking within myself. But it was all worth it to feel the liberation I have now that I look at life with the glass half full.