I had previously been seeing counsellors and art therapists to help me but found that it was not moving very fast and in the meantime, I was spending money to basically talk and not get to any action that would help with my goals.

Mimi’s dedication to making sure I was receiving her feedback and attention to what needed to shift in me was 100% from the start. Considering what state I was in when I started working with Mimi, the results were that I had a couple of instances where I was faced with situations where I needed to assert boundaries and let someone know that their behaviour was not ok, and I was able to do so with a clear voice and without hesitation, and without allowing the person to dominate me.

Mimi has a passion for working to empower women to reach their full potential and was vigilant to encourage me towards overcoming my resistance and old patterns of behaviour, with patience and belief in me and the tools she brought to offer.