2Do you feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed when you think about your goals? Do you have that feeling of dread or fearfulness at the thought of actioning or implementing them?

Well, you’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Goal-setting should be a fun, inspiring and motivating experience.

And it may just be the case that all you need to do is approach your goal-setting strategy a bit differently.

Here are a few suggestions on what you can do to take the stress out of your goal-setting experience.

Set A Meaningful Goal

Set a goal that is MEANINGFUL to you. Something that matters and is of significance. Something that will make your soul shiver with anticipation, your heart sing, and that makes you smile non-stop. Something that you feel you were made to do or is a way to fulfil your life’s purpose.

Smiling Baby

Because when you set a meaningful goal, this feeling of significance, exhilaration and purpose is what’s going to keep you on track when you feel like you want to quit.

Identify Your Motivator

Identify your motivator for each goal.

To discover this, ask yourself – Why is this goal important or significant to you?

Then drill down even further –

What would you gain if you achieved it? What would you lose if you didn’t?

Once again, getting clarity around this will help you keep focused, committed and moving forward even when you feel like it’s all too much and the obstacles seem overwhelming.


Make It Achievable

The goal must be achievable within the present framework of your life which includes your schedule, workload, current commitments, and knowledge.

Ask yourself this –

  • Are you prepared to make the commitment to reach your target?
  • Are you willing to dramatically alter or at least tweak aspects your life?
  • Is there a more achievable target you are willing to work for?

If you believe it is achievable and will do what you need to reach your outcome, interesting things start to happen. You begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them. You begin seeing previously overlooked opportunities to bring yourself closer to the achievement of your goals.


Chunk It Down

Once you have figured out what you need to do to realise your goal, break it down into manageable, bite-sized pieces. Set mini-milestones and celebrate the achievement of each. This will not only give the motivation to continue moving forwards, but it’s also fun!


Let Go Of The Past

We all have past experiences we are either not proud of or are disappointments. It’s part of being human. We make mistakes. But here’s the good news. Mistakes are an opportunity for learning. How else would we know to do something different?

The most successful entrepreneurs have probably made the biggest mistakes. However the difference is in how they have dealt with it moving forwards. They don’t let it define them or hold them back. They learn from it and apply it positively to the next situation.

It’s called the art of Letting Go. Once you let go, it frees up your energy to be channelled into something positive. Check out my article on Letting Go To Lighten The Load.


Identify The Stressor(s)

Write down what is holding you back from achieving your goal and causing you stress, anxiety or fear.

Is it the fact that the goal is not meaningful to you, and you may be doing it to fulfil someone else’s expectations? Then perhaps you may need to revise or even redo your goal and look at why you are doing this? What is your motivator?

Does the goal feel unrealistic or unachievable? Again it may be a case of revising the goal to make it more achievable.

Is the goal forcing you to step outside your comfort zone? Remember that stepping outside your comfort zone can also often represent an opportunity for growth, depending on the circumstances, and what feels right to you. Speaking from personal experience, some of the best and most defining moments in my life were when I stepped outside my comfort zone and overcame a particular fear. I not only gained a new skill, but I felt so proud of myself and it gave me the confidence to tackle other things I thought I couldn’t do.


Goal-setting and the experiences you have during your journey towards achieving your goals should not be something you dread or fill you with stress and anxiety.

It should be something that inspires and motivates you, gives you confidence and something to be celebrated!


If you found this helpful, I would love to hear from you below. As always if you need any help, I am only a phone call or email away.

All my best


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