Philippa Mercieca

I came to Mimi after reading about her business on Facebook, and at the time I was feeling very low and had just extracted myself from a very unhealthy relationship that left me full of negativity. I felt like I needed to change and address some core wounds and limiting beliefs and fears. I wanted to transform and become more assertive, and confident in my life.

I had previously been seeing counsellors and art therapists to help me with this but found that it was not moving very fast and in the meantime, I was spending money to basically talk and not get to any action that would help with my goals, despite my counsellor wanting to help me with this.

Mimi’s dedication to making sure I was receiving her feedback and attention to what needed to shift in me was 100% from the start, and as I have issues with motivation, I was probably quite frustrating to get through to at first, but nevertheless, Mimi persevered, determined to help me move past the resistance I was displaying initially.

Eventually, things did start to flow and I found each day new thoughts and beliefs were stirring up and making themselves known to me…and I was able to receive feedback from the daily awareness sheets that not only made sense but also helped me see reality past my doubts.

Considering what state I was in when I started working with Mimi, the results were that I had a couple of instances where I was faced with situations where I needed to assert boundaries and let someone know that their behaviour was not ok, and I was able to do so with a clear voice and without hesitation, and without allowing the person to dominate me.

I am still working with the tools Mimi has shared with me, and I’m so grateful to have these now in my arsenal to play with and work towards a greater vision for myself and my life, thanks to Mimi taking time to support me with feedback that was firmly rested in the reality of cause and effect’, giving me the choice at all times whether to take responsibility or fall back into victimhood, and I feel like I did meet that challenge mostly.

Mimi has a passion for working to empower women to reach their full potential and was vigilant to encourage me towards overcoming my resistance and old patterns of behaviour, with patience and belief in me and the tools she brought to offer.

It is a daily unfolding that I am looking forward to seeing the end results.


Drawing upon my extensive coaching and life experience, I’m here to help you finally take off the mask, get unstuck … get to grips with the real you and become unstoppable. Be YOU. Do YOU. For YOU. Read More…

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Be YOU. Do YOU. For YOU.
Get unstuck, get to grips with the real you and become unstoppable.
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