Kath Wigraft

This might sound a bit of a cliché … but I honestly feel like a different person now from when I first started with you …

If you’re struggling with self-doubt, a lack of confidence and negative self-talk, then you need to listen to Kath’s story.

Kath has also suffered from depression from most of her life and this has rippled out to her business and her family.

Watch this video and find out what has been the game changer and life changer for her in overcoming her depression and becoming the happy and confident person she is today …


1:14: Tell us a bit about your background.

2:32: What motivated you to come and talk to me? What were you looking to achieve from the coaching?

3:48: What was the single biggest challenge that you were dealing with?

4:57: How has this rippled out and impacted you on a day to day basis?

5:52: How did that impact your relationship with your daughter?

7:00: How did that impact your business?

7:59: In terms of what you were looking to achieve, can you talk about Confidence?

8:53: How was what we did together different to other help you have sought before?

10:09: You talk about ‘real-time feedback’. How important is that in terms of long term sustainability dealing with your problem?

11:26: Can you explain how the ongoing daily support helped you and in what way?

13:36: How quickly did you start to see these positive changes? And what were they?

15:07: Did other people around you notice these changes too?

15:53: How did these changes flow on to your business?

16:34: In the business sense, what has been your biggest achievement?

17:46: How would you describe your overall experience with me?

18:22: Do you feel confident now that we’ve finished our coaching journey to do this on your own independently?

19:05: For anyone who is struggling with self-doubt and negative self-talk, what words of advice would you give to them?

20:00: What if I don’t have the budget for this?



Drawing upon my extensive coaching and life experience, I’m here to help you finally take off the mask, get unstuck … get to grips with the real you and become unstoppable. Be YOU. Do YOU. For YOU. Read More…

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Be YOU. Do YOU. For YOU.
Get unstuck, get to grips with the real you and become unstoppable.
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