Kate A.

I was scared and feeling lost and empty.

I felt stuck and was going through a very difficult emotional roller coaster.

I reached out to Mimi as I didn’t know what else to do.

Mimi helped get through my struggles by showing me how to deal with my struggles in a more confident and positive way and knowing how to learn from my past experiences and how to accept and let go.

That I am good enough, strong enough and capable enough to get through all of life’s struggles that come my way and to love myself.

It was a very valuable experience and investment for myself.

Mimi’s coaching helped me with the techniques and the knowing on how to deal with life’s situations with the strategies that I can use to assist me with the way I look at life.

She is very caring and provides a supportive environment.

It was one of the best decision’s I have made to have her coach me. Not only has it helped me, I really enjoyed my sessions with her.

If you are struggling and need help with life, I recommend that you reach out to Mimi who is always willing to help and is always there for you.

Thank you for everything.


Drawing upon my extensive coaching, business, corporate, recruitment and life experience, I’m here to help you step into  your own power and be your best. So you can feel a renewed sense of Peace and Purpose … and live a life of freedom, authenticity, ease and profitability. Live your BEST life. Read More…


Live a life of freedom, authenticity, ease and prosperity with a renewed sense of Peace and Purpose. YOU have the freedom to choose. It’s time to step into YOUR power. Let me show you how.