Karenza Horwood

I was at a really bad point in my career. It was starting to interfere with my everyday life to the point where I didn’t have the motivation to do anything.

I didn’t seek any other help as fortunately I came across Mimi’s name first, however in hindsight she was exactly what I needed. As I didn’t realise my issue with my career was far deeper than that …

It was my entire outlook on life!

If I had just focused on my career change I don’t think I would be where I am now.

Mimi’s ongoing daily support made me accountable to do something everyday. It would have been so easy to commit initially and then let the momentum slow down but daily reminders and tasks kept me on track to finally reaching my goals.

The key turning point was when Mimi pointed out that we are in control of our feelings. Since then I noticed a change within a couple of weeks.

No exaggeration … it has been a complete life change. I’ve even incorporated the tools Mimi has given me with my children and in all aspects of my life outside of my career.

At the beginning of my time with Mimi, I didn’t have a clue of what I could do outside of my current career. Through the sometimes confronting method of identifying fears and beliefs about myself, could I discover how to create a business which involves my passion for skincare and beauty called Beauty Buy Me*.

Without Mimi’s program I would still be unsure about my next step. It’s all a process which will clear the path to the future you want for yourself.

Whilst I’m in the process of setting up my own business slowly, I actually have the tools to deal better with my current career without feeling helpless.

The skills and techniques I have picked up from Mimi will help me for the rest of my life … absolutely no doubt about it.

Mimi … I don’t know if I can say it anymore – you have literally changed my life.

I do not think I could ever thank you enough. I’m sure my friends are sick of me talking about you, but they can totally see the change in me. I can’t wait for some of them to see how you can improve their lives too. Thank you Mimi.

*Beauty Buy Me is a personalised makeup and skin care shopping experience  helps women who want to refresh their make up and/or skin care routine by alleviating confusion and fear of judgement and increasing their knowledge on beauty products.


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