Joint Webinar Recording – Career Change For Mums

I co-hosted a live webinar this month with author and business advisor Gavin Sequeira, Principal at Break Free From Corporate, who has helped hundreds of people break free from the corporate world, take charge and create the lifestyle that they want. In this webinar, Gavin and I shared our combined extensive knowledge and expertise in the business and career space with mums who are at a career crossroads, are unhappy and unfulfilled in their current job, looking to return to the workforce after time off, or have been contemplating starting a business but don’t know what type of business to set up or are unsure how to go about it.

During this webinar, we explored the following:

  • How to achieve Clarity, Connection and Happiness in your Career – the Secret to Career Happiness, and the 3 essential steps to lift your ‘Career Fog’!
  • What is a Dream Job: How it is relevant to your gifts and talents, and where do your passions and values come into this?
  • How do you identify your dream job/career: The key elements to identifying your dream job/career
  • Top 5 signs why mums need to start their own business: Analysis on what triggers and things to look for to realise that you may need to do your own thing in order to satisfy your lifestyle and personal requirements
  • 10 strategies to help you get a new business off the ground: Deep dive into 10 strategies employed by successful entrepreneurs who have transitioned out of their jobs into a career/business they love doing
  • Where to go for extra support and guidance: Special offer that will give you access to affordable help to get things started for you on the right path to success and freedom
  • Question and answer session at the end: An opportunity for you to ask specific questions that you might need help with

If you are committed to making a career change and want to learn how to achieve long term happiness in your career, then make sure you listen to this recording of our webinar. What you will learn will lay the critical foundation for you to build your path to career success and happiness.

If after listening to this recording, you would like to learn more about what either Gavin or I do, or want to take this to the next level, then you can contact me HERE or contact Gavin HERE, and also follow me on my Facebook page as well as Gavin’s Facebook page.


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