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For many of us, disruption to familiar routine sparks anything from mild anxiety to extreme terror. Maybe something’s been pushed on us, like losing a job, the death of someone close or the end of a relationship. Just as likely, we’ve made a risky but necessary choice, like relocating to a new town or becoming a new parent.

Change is inevitable, like it or not — that’s part of life’s adventure. Then why do we resist so much? Is it partly a natural fear of the unfamiliar? “People often think of and see change as something threatening,” says Mimi Fong, from With Change Comes Growth. But it helps to remember that change can be a great opportunity for growth and it can be used as a platform to springboard into the next exciting phase towards achieving your personal and business goals and aspirations.

So how do you push past the reluctance and fear? The first step is realising that even though you can’t control what pops up in your life, you can alter how you behave. Mimi explains, “When change happens, embrace it. Learn and grow from it and seek professional support and guidance to navigate through the rough patches.”

After navigating four major career changes, three major relationship shifts and becoming a parent four years ago, Mimi, knows all about the challenges associated with life changing events. “I was fortunate to have fantastic support during these times, which was critical in getting me through these major life-changing events.”

When navigating major life change, support is not only critical, but it can pave the way to positive outcomes. As a NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, Mimi explains, “NLP provides specific, tangible strategies which can have immediate results. You can walk away from a session feeling you have learnt something new about yourself and have a specific strategy in place to be able to action immediately in your life.”

There may be no way to stop a boss from firing you, prevent the end of a relationship, or to keep a family member from getting sick, but you can choose your own actions and attitudes. If you want to just vent and air your grievances, you can talk to a friend. If you want to make lasting and positive changes in your life, seek professional advice from Mimi and make that long-term investment in yourself. Acknowledge what you can and can’t control.

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