Isa Peersman

It’s only been three months and it has changed my life completely.’

The way I worked with you was the most empowering because you are giving me the tools so I can do it myself … whereas with the other therapies, I was always dependent on that person. With you, it was all about empowering me to realise that trauma wasn’t defining me anymore … that I was stronger … that I have the tools now to know how to deal with the triggers going back so far. It was incredible. I felt like a rebirth!

Meet Isa … a gorgeous mum to two young children and a solo mumpreneur in her first year of running her own Reiki Healing business …

Isa came to me initially as she was struggling with herself, particularly with trauma from her past that she just couldn’t seem to move past …

This was affecting her relationship with her kids, her husband and her ability to run her business.

We worked together for just over three months …

Her husband was so impressed with the results that he started working with me too!

Watch this video and find out how this changed her life completely and how this has rippled out to her family, her relationship with her husband and her business …


0:26: Why did you come to me initially?

2:26: How did this help your relationship with your husband?

4:38: Why is this experience with me different to any help you have sought previously?

7:18: Can you explain how the ongoing daily support helped you and in what way?

9:53: How quickly did you start to see these positive changes? And what were they?

11:51: How has this made a difference to your relationship with your mum?

14:34: How would you describe your overall experience with me and do you have any words of wisdom for someone going through something similar to what you went through?



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