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DIVORCE and family breakdowns are costing the national economy more than $14 billion a year in government assistance payments and court costs, according to an exclusive News Corp analysis.


Based on the Recent Productivity Commission Report released in September last year, the average cost per party in a property dispute could vary between $10,000 and $150,000 depending on how complex and how quickly the parties choose to settle.


If the matter is fully litigated, the costs could vary between $45,000 per party to $250,000!


  • Are you thinking about leaving your spouse/partner?
  • Are you in the process of initiating a marital separation?
  • Are you caught up in the middle of bitter and protracted divorce proceedings where no one is a winner?

Then you’re in the right place and this is just for you! I have teamed up with Christopher Whitelaw and Dianna Jacobsen, experts in the field of family law disputes, to bring you this FREE E-BOOK:

Managing Family Law Disputes – Three Unique Perspectives – How To Achieve Early Cost-Effective Resolution, Avoid Bitter Litigation and Preserve Your Wealth and Wellbeing

Anyone undergoing a marital separation will find plenty of evidence that there are very few winners, plenty of losers and lots of collateral damage when separated couples decide to take their property division disputes to Court. Some of the many disadvantages of family law disputes going to court include the court process polarising the parties; litigation breeding anger, distrust, suspicion, resentment and frustration; massive legal costs diminishing the net estate; and it now takes 2 years or more, from the date that a party files an Application for Final Orders in the Court, to get to a hearing of the dispute, during which time each party’s share of the net equity is locked up.

Litigation is supposed to be the last resort, not the first. But too many family property disputes are being litigated and at great personal and financial cost to both parties. This need not be the case.

Chris, Dianna and I have joined forces to produce this free E-Book specifically for separating couples like yourself as a guide to help you avoid bitter litigation and achieve early and cost-effective resolution resulting in a fair, equitable, and relatively amicable outcome whilst minimising any emotional fallout.

So this is a MUST READ!

Providing three unique perspectives

How to Know if a Family Law Property Dispute will Resolve Early

Christopher Whitelaw, lawyer, barrister, and dispute resolution specialist and Principal of the Commercial Disputes Management Centre, addresses the 7 chief factors that will determine whether a family law property dispute will resolve early and conserve most of the available divisible equity, or whether it will spiral into expensive and stressful litigation with a large chunk of the net equity being consumed by legal costs.

How to Minimise the Emotional Fallout

As a former corporate lawyer and now a Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, I provide 10 key strategies to assist in managing the emotional fallout which inevitably comes with a relationship break up and division of assets. This includes how to reach a level of emotional and self-awareness and understanding that will allow a potentially sensitive situation to be approached with a clear, non-judgmental perspective, increasing the chances of achieving a mutually satisfactory outcome.

How to Create a Win-Win Outcome

Dianna Jacobsen, a business development adviser and financial strategist and Principal of Shine at Business, focuses on pertinent questions such as who really wins in the fight over money, how to create a WIN-WIN outcome, and how to salvage a business despite this upheaval, as well as working through the practical aspects of separation one-by-one: children, assets, liabilities, superannuation and so forth.

The three of us have come together to offer these different, but overlapping perspectives, in the sincere hope that this information will be widely disseminated and get into the hands of the right people – those who still have a chance to make better choices that will ultimately affect their quality of life, wealth and happiness, and those that they love around them.




And to celebrate the launch of our E-Book, we are giving away the following fantastic prize (total value over $1700) …

  • A consultation with Chris Whitelaw (face to face, phone or Skype) and a blueprint for managing the entire property division process without any need for the parties to engage in expensive and stressful litigation (value $880)
  • A 1.5 hour coaching session with Mimi Fong (face to face, phone or Skype) to identify any specific challenges that are causing you grief right now, breakthrough recurring fears and barriers that are holding you back, and implement new strategies and thought processes for positive change, including pre and post session tasking, support and guidance (value $450+)
  • A 20 minute initial phone consultation followed by a 1 hour strategy session with Dianna Jacobsen (face to face, phone or Skype) to examine your overall business/financial/life situation and provide a workable, realistic action plan going forwards (value $400)

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Chris WhitelawChristopher Whitelaw

Chris is a barrister, mediator and arbitrator. He established The Commercial Disputes Management Centre (CDMC) in 2010. CDMC specialises in the management and resolution of commercial type disputes. The focus is on early resolution and the avoidance of litigation. CDMC applies a process, methods and strategies designed to contain, deescalate and manage a dispute in a way that gets parties able to work cooperatively and creatively with a trained disputes resolver to achieve early resolution without incurring major legal costs.

Tel: 02 94208213

Email: [email protected]



Mimi FongMimi Fong

Navigating through a challenging divorce or separation and rebuilding your life when the dust has settled, transitioning from a successful corporate career to being a business owner, returning to work after time off, or balancing your career with being a hands-on parent – these are just a few of the major career, role and life changes you may experience which Mimi has also experienced for herself.

Using NLP and Time Line Therapy ® combined with my extensive business and life experience, she offers a unique fusion of skills and expertise including over 15 years of experience as a coach and mentor, an international recruiter/ head-hunter, and a former lawyer.

Her passion is to help and proactively support YOU through the major changes in your life that you may be struggling to cope with on your own, and help you to move forward, as she has, with clarity, renewed energy and focus.

Tel: 0412 911 099

Email: [email protected]



Dianna Jacobsen Hi Res - CopyDianna Jacobsen

Dianna Jacobsen has over 25 years’ experience in developing personalised strategies to guide people to discovering their “ideal” life, in terms of financial well-being and personal empowerment.

Having experienced chapters in her own life, Dianna works with people to examine their individual and specific needs, and then assists them to implement a realistic action plan to accomplish their goals.

Combining a background in accounting, financial planning, small business management, and personal empowerment and relationship coaching, Dianna specialises in working both locally, with businesses, families and individuals to guide them to freedom and success, and nationally, in providing specialist financial and business advice to her clients across Australia.

Dianna writes regularly for a number of publications and websites, addressing topics spanning a broad range of small business management and personal empowerment issues. She speaks regularly at conferences and conducts workshops and seminars.

Dianna brings a fresh and uplifting approach to the business and financial aspects of life. Her clients leave each session with a straight-forward, personalised Action Plan, feeling clear on the steps they need to take to break through their barriers and achieve financial well-being and personal empowerment!

Tel: 0412 804 716

Email: [email protected]


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