According to a LinkedIn survey conducted several years ago, more than 70 per cent of professionals are not working in a job or career that gives them a sense of fulfilment and meaning, which excites and fires them up, and which they truly enjoy. That means that the vast majority of people out there are unhappy and disengaged from their working life.

So let me ask you this …

How many of you dislike or just put up with your job because …

  • it might be what you are qualified to do
  • you have worked hard to achieve financial stability or climb the career ladder and it would be a complete waste to throw it all away
  • you don’t know what else you can do
  • you have to work to support the family or bring in that much needed additional income stream
  • you’re too old/young to retrain/upskill
  • you’re afraid to do something different or new
  • you’re stuck in a rut and feel directionless
  • it’s a secure position …?

Or perhaps you are just starting out in your career and have no idea what would suit you?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Would you like to instead be doing something that gives you happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction and purpose, and find your perfect career?


Then join me for my exciting new online series comprising 10 separate Modules taking you through a step by step program to show you how to identify your Dream Job and make it a reality. In addition to that, you will receive 6 fantastic BONUS RESOURCES at the end provided by two amazing entrepreneurs and experts in their field who I am incredibly fortunate to know and collaborate with to help you on your way following completion of the program!

By Dream Job, I mean what it is that you would LOVE to spend every day of your working life doing, which fires you up, draws upon your existing talents, abilities, qualifications and knowledge, and aligns with what’s important to you!

I will be sharing with you my knowledge and over 15 plus years of recruitment, head-hunting, career mentoring and coaching, and business experience combined with 20 years of life experience and the 4 major career changes I have navigated through successfully to help you not only identify your Dream Job, but also teach you powerful and effective strategies and techniques to make it YOUR reality!

Consider this – how much is it already costing you in terms of lost opportunities, your emotional and physical health, and the effect on those around you by continuing on your current path?

Imagine instead if you were happy and fulfilled in your work and how this would flow out to the rest of your life??


In my program, you will learn the 10 essential steps that are the key ingredients to finding and realising your Dream Job, and formulating and implementing a PLAN OF ACTION to achieve it which includes –

Module 1 – Finding your Purpose and Passion.

Discovering your all important WHY, your personal mission statement that is critical to career change success, and what it is that you LOVE to do. The essential questions you need to ask yourself if you honestly have no idea and are struggling to figure it out … OR you might have a fair idea of what your WHY is and your passion and just need confirmation of this.

Module 2 – Identifying Your Values.

Do you know what’s important to you in your career and why this is absolutely critical to ensuring a successful career or job change? Using a proven NLP coaching method involving values elicitation, you’ll find out what are your top 10 values in the context of your Career. And you may be surprised at what comes up!

Module 3 – Doing Your Personal Inventory.

Putting together a stock take of your Assets, Gaps, Hard and Soft Skills which incorporates a useful and valuable exercise to help you to identify these.

Module 4 – Achievements, Accomplishments, Wins and Successes.

From a job-hunting perspective, your achievements are what will make you stand out from the crowd and is your point of differentiation. Importantly, they demonstrate to your prospective employer what you might be capable of achieving with them in the future.

As a business owner, when you are establishing trust, credibility and expertise in your area, or promoting your services/products, prospective clients will be looking to your past track record of success and achievements for reassurance and confirmation.

This module will take you through a comprehensive exercise to identifying your tangible wins and what makes you stand out from the crowd to complete your powerful career tool kit!

Module 5 – Recognising and Removing Resistance, Barriers and Blockages.

Deep dive into what is holding you back at an unconscious level and using simple, powerful and practical techniques including NLP which you can easily apply yourself, remove those barriers and blockages that have stopped you from achieving your career happiness!

Module 6 – What Specifically Do You Want In A Job.

The absolute fundamental list of questions you need to be asking yourself to get laser focused and narrow down your options.

Module 7 – The Shortlist.

Drawing together everything we have done so far, we apply a practical and fun technique to identify your Dream Job!

Module 8 – Research Your Market.

This is where we cover what you need to do on a pragmatic level to really get to know your newly chosen career field or target market

Module 9 – Setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals.

Cracking the code of how to successfully set career goals, providing step by step instructions on exactly how to do this and how to achieve them!

Module 10 – Formulating your Career Strategy.

Find out the SECRET to formulating your career strategy, the precise questions you need to ask yourself each step of the way, AND the all-important Career Check List when you might get stuck along the way and are unsure what the next step might be eg What specific actions do I need to take to achieve my career targets?

Each module is filled with premium content and includes a video and downloadable work sheet with easy to follow instructions and guidance.

You will also receive LIFETIME ACCESS to my program which includes any updates, enhancements and bonuses I include after you register for my program, as I am constantly working on improving and refining it to make it the best resource it can be for you on an ongoing basis and ensure it remains relevant to the current time which means if you decide to make another career change further on down the track, you can apply this program and its techniques again as they will just be as relevant as when you first signed up!

And what about these BONUSES, you might ask? Here’s what you’ll get!

Bonuses 1 and 2

How To Land The Job You Want – The Secrets To A Perfect Interview – is a comprehensive manual which I have personally put together for you on the Do’s and Don’ts when preparing for an interview and how to tackle those difficult questions that you know will be asked of you, drawing from almost two decades of specialist recruitment and career coaching experience, and my high interview to offer conversion rate.

How To Draft The Perfect Resume and Cover Letter – unlocks the formula for how to nail your resume and cover letter to maximise your chances of securing an interview, once again backed up by my high resume to interview conversion rate.

Bonuses 3 and 4

Provided by Gavin Sequeira, business coach, speaker, published author and founder of Break Free From Corporate is an Essential Check List To Help You Decide If You Should Start Your Own Business. So if you are still umm’ing and aah’ing about whether you should be going down the path of setting up your own business, then this ranking guide is a great way to check this and find out what your risk category is.

Also from Gavin is an invaluable fast track guide setting out the 10 Essential Steps To Take When Setting Up Your Business For The First Time, taken from Gavin’s highly interactive book, Break Free From Corporate, which will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of trying to figure things out on your own, and help you to fast track your journey to business success.

That’s over $2000 worth of premium value PLUS bonus materials!

I also appreciate that not all of us may have the resources to draw from to enlist the services of a career coach which is why I also created and designed this program to make it accessible and affordable for everyone!

The actual value of my program is $2000 + however ….




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There is no other online program out there in the career space which brings together this unique combination of

  • Specialist recruitment knowledge
  • Career coaching expertise
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teachings; and
  • Foundational business advice

Here is what recent purchasers of my program are saying about it –

‘Mimi’s career change program is informative, methodical and inspiring.  Designed in a step-by-step manner, she presents a logical and deliberate program to get you to the place that’s right for you.  And if you don’t know where that place might be – she will make you ask the hard questions, the tough questions, needed for insight to open up.  Don’t let each day pass you by.  If you know deep down that you are not in the right place, if that feeling in your stomach just won’t go away – the Dream Job Program will guide you through the transition in a logical, sensible, intelligent and risk-minimising way.’

‘My husband just signed up for your program and he is loving the content. Thank you.’




Ideal for self starters who want to power through at their own pace and includes unlimited access for one user to my Online Dream Job Program.







For those who may need some external assistance, this is for you.

It includes:

  • Unlimited access for one user to my online Dream Job Program
  • 2 x 1:1 half hour phone consults with me to be taken up at anytime during completion of the Dream Job Program
  • Pre and post-consult support during this time







If you would like a higher and more in depth level of 1:1 support, then this is for you.

It includes:

  • Unlimited access for one user to my online Dream Job Program
  • 2 x 1:1 one hour coaching sessions with me (in person, over Skype or by phone) to be taken up at anytime during completion of the Dream Job Program
  • Pre and post-session support and personal ongoing guidance during this time



Where would you like to be in a year’s time? In the same situation as you are now – stressed, frustrated and unhappy? Or doing something that you love, which is meaningful and fulfilling, and makes you happy?!

Happy career woman

Drawing upon my extensive coaching and life experience, I’m here to help you finally take off the mask, get unstuck … get to grips with the real you and become unstoppable. Be YOU. Do YOU. For YOU. Read More…

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