Corporate Lawyer and Recruitment Specialist Turned Dream Job Coach – Podcast, Break Free From Corporate, July 2015



My very first solo podcast where I am interviewed by Gavin Sequeira, business coach/speaker/published author of Break Free From Corporate. If you are interested in my journey and how I got to where I am today, then click below to listen.

Break Free From Corporate Podcast Interview with Mimi Fong

Drawing upon my extensive coaching, business, corporate, recruitment and life experience, my passion is to help women who struggle with negativity and self-doubt to break the cycle of unhappiness, rebuild their confidence and learn the life-long tools and skills that they need to go from SURVIVING TO THRIVING in all areas of their life. Read More…


It's time to BREAK FREE from the cycle of negativity and self-doubt, reclaim your CONFIDENCE and take back CONTROL of your life. Let me show you how.