Carolina M.

Why did you decide to seek my help in the first place? What were you looking to achieve from it?

I decided to look for help because I felt that I was not in control of my life. I was going through a time of challenging situations at work, at home, financially, etc and I was feeling overwhelmed. I was overthinking too much and I was struggling to make decisions, and this made me unhappy, unsecured, anxious, stressed, lacking confidence in myself and just feeling low and not a good mum, wife, friend. I was tired of trying to maintain myself afloat, putting everyone first and myself always last and knew that I needed help. I wanted to gain control in my life, see the glass full and feel confident and assertive and happy with who I am.

Why is this experience with me different to your experience with any help you may have sought previously?

I believe that the experience with you has been great firstly because you have been supporting me along this journey 24/7, you have kept me accountable along the way, showing me that everything is the result of how I see life. You are objective and show care and empathy whilst also ensuring I understand that I need to work hard on me, invest on me so I can then be the best support for my family and the people I love.

Has the ongoing daily support been beneficial/helpful and if so, in what way?

Absolutely. Yes and yes!  Having your ongoing support makes a lot easier to keep up with the strategies and not to get side tracked. You remind me everyday the importance of doing what I am doing and why I am doing it and that makes a huge difference in continuing my journey. You have been there to support me every single day and we never left anything unresolved. I loved your commitment and genuine interest in helping me to see things in a different way.

When did you start to see the positive changes? And what do you think is behind this?

I started to see positive changes 2 weeks after I consistently started to apply the strategies you gave me.

Going through my life situations every single day and seeing the difference between how I chose to feel and how could I have chosen to feel instead started to resound on me after working on it every single day and made such a difference in changing my mindset. After this change there has also been a discovery of new ways of doing things and approaching life as I resolved underlying issues I had from the past and have taken on new positive beliefs. I am very grateful for this.

How would you describe your overall coaching experience with me?

Wonderful. You are amazing, you really have a very caring nature, you genuinely have taken interest on me and helping me be a better version of myself, ensuring that I understand that I can only help others when I help myself first. Your mix of support and strategies have been great and you being there as my buddy, making sure I am following the strategies has been invaluable. You know that for me to achieve what I want to achieve it requires consistency and discipline and you continually drive and motivate me to put in the work consistently so that I can achieve my goals.

Is there anything else you’d to share?

I would just like to THANK YOU Mimi from the bottom of my heart. I want to commend you for the work you do and tell any person that feels that they need help and is not coping well or wants to break that cycle of negativity to seek help, that there is not a better gift that you can give to yourself than the one of investing in yourself. Working with Mimi has been an amazing experience for me.

In 4 months I have managed to really take control of my life again, see the glass full, have found a new job and made changes in my life so that I feel confident and assertive again. 


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