Ben Hawley

Ben’s story is unusual …

Not because he asked to work with me even though he knew I specialised in helping women … but because he is one part of a courageous and amazing family unit. If his surname seems familiar, it’s because you may have seen his wife’s name, Damaris Hawley, who was also a client of mine.

Damaris approached me first to help her with her anxiety and debilitating panic attacks. At the end of our time together, she had no more panic attacks and had her anxiety under control. She’s still going strong over 2 years later … (click here to watch her video).

Ben was blown away by the transformation he saw in his wife.

So he approached me and we began working together.

His primary challenge was around low confidence particularly at work, managing his anxiety and stress levels better both at work and at home, his inability to say no, and issues around willpower, setting goals and following them through to completion.

Ben and his wife, Damaris, are two courageous and exceptional individuals, and together an amazing and strong couple.

They are a beautiful example of how when a couple are committed to growing individually and working through their issues, they become collectively stronger together and able to deal with whatever comes their way.

Watch this video and you’ll see why …

P.S. Feel free to show this to your partner … 🙂


0:00: Why did you seek my help?

0:36: What you were looking to achieve from the coaching?

1:08: How was this experience with me different to your experience with any help you’ve sought before?

1:48: What drew you to NLP?

2:40: Did you have any concerns that I’d worked with your wife before I worked with you?

3:07: How was the ongoing support beneficial or helpful to you?

5:20: How quickly did you start to see the positive changes?

6:05: What do you think is behind those changes?

6:59: How has this flowed out to other areas of your life eg your children and your work?

8:29: Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of doing coaching?

9:20: What have been the biggest benefits to your wife, Damaris, and to yourself?’?

10:52: What’s that worth to you in dollar figures?


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