9 Tips For Successfully Returning To The Workforce – North Shore Mums, January 2015



Have you taken time off from work or your career to have your kids, take care of your family, recover from an illness, study or simply have a break?

Are you now considering returning to the workforce, to either pick up where you left off or forge a new career path?

Then CLICK HERE for some valuable tips on how to ensure your return to work is a success …

Drawing upon my extensive coaching, business, corporate, recruitment and life experience, I’m here to help you step into  your own power and be your best. So you can feel a renewed sense of Peace and Purpose … and live a life of freedom, authenticity, ease and profitability. Live your BEST life. Read More…


Live a life of freedom, authenticity, ease and prosperity with a renewed sense of Peace and Purpose. YOU have the freedom to choose. It’s time to step into YOUR power. Let me show you how.